Monday, April 14, 2014

Some changes to the Portfolio SELL and BUY

I have two SELLS today RKT is a clear SELL today but retains it's status on the watch list. So if you like that company, look for another buy signal in the future. BP also is a SELL today and is, as well, still on the watch list.
To replace those I have two stocks that are new and also indicating a BUY. NNA at $3.50 with a yield of 5.5%. NOAH at $13.29. There are a couple others that are indicating BUY but also a little shaky on the indicator. In other words. They have been bouncing inside the buy/sell signal. This does not sit well with me. They are clearly in the BUY area but I would hesitate to recommend them highly. JAZZ at $128.25 (Check out this article at Seeking Alpha) and MELI at $86.90. Go ahead and look at those charts and determine for yourself if you want to buy them or not. They are both in good shape as far as the balance sheet is concerned.
Again, I urge caution as a sudden dip in the broad market will take good companies down with it. Obviously we are in a very volatile period in the market. It will probably remain this way until a major correction happens.

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  1. The recommendation NNA should NOT be bought. The indicator did pop into the BUY status the other day. But it just sank back to the sell status signal today. This is just a sign of volatility at work again. There has not been a gain or loss on this stock, but I can not fully recommend it when it is bouncing around inside the indicators.