Monday, April 7, 2014

What Now? With the correction

Everyone has the jitters today. Most everyone in the market lost some value. YOU are not alone. We all participated in the risk of the market.  The charts are not emotional today. They only report the mathematics of the price movement. I will review the stocks recommended so far, the recommended price, the current price and the charts position.  We are in a very volatile period of time. Please use caution and seek your own advice before purchasing any stock. At this point, I will not advise any purchases. I doubt if there would be any clear signal to buy right now anyway.
Symbol      Recommended price    Today's price      Chart's position     Gain since Recommendation
SID                   $4.18                       $4.48                     Hold                     7.18%
ARCC               $17.49                    $17.59                    Hold                      .59%
CONN              $33.20                    $38.59                    Hold                    16.23%
GM                   $35.26                    $34.11                    Sell                       -2.85%
QCOR              $62.16                    $80.58                    Hold                     29.63%
CHL                 $44.66                    $45.96                    Hold                       2.91%
BP                    $47.51                    $48.11                    Hold                       1.26%
CEO                 $157.88                  $157.00                  Hold                       -.56%
DDD                 $59.34                    $53.08                   Sell                      -10.55%
RKT                 $103.00                  $101.85                  Soon Sell              -1.12%
PRLB               $67.00                     $64.24                  Sell                        -4.12%
TFM                $36.54                    $34.98                     Soon Sell              -4.27%
                                                                             AVERAGE TOTAL        2.86%

Proving that it is a good idea to diversify. Of course, QCOR gave a good gain that I can not take credit for. It was a buy out and the stock surged beyond any chart's prediction. None the less, a 2.86% gain overall is good when you realize that there were two very very bad down days on the market as a whole.

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