Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hold your Horses! These are ready to pop any day.

With the whipsaw of the market last week the indicators were not positive for any buys.  I felt that the suggestions were lacking a little but still don't want to stick my neck out on the possibilities of something positive happening.  The following stocks are all turning up, but unfortunately not in the "BUY" stage of their movement.  BUT, very close to that if they go up a couple more days. I just wanted to get the list out if anyone wanted to do some homework early and be prepared for the buy signal.  Once again, these are all stocks that have been in my variety of watch lists generated over the last month or so. Some are strong companies that have had their prices beat up for seemingly no reason. Others are from my NASDAQ GURU list which needs to be mentioned and recommended by at least three leading stock analysts.

PRIM   Primoris Services Corp.
FNGN  Financial Engines
PKG     Packaging Corp. (been on the list quite a while now)
ANFI   Amira Nature Foods
ROST  Ross Stores
MTOR Meritor Inc.
CEL     Cellcom Israel

Keep an eye on these. A couple may be set to really take off as the price has bottomed to long six month support levels with big upside potential.
I will follow them closely over the next week and report any that have reached the official BUY status.

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