Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The indicator works both ways SPWR down 8.6% and we are not in it

I've never really wrote anything about my charts at the sell side. It's kind of over at that point and who really wants to hear about negative numbers? It is actually nice to see negative numbers when you don't own the stock because you know that it may just open up an opportunity for another chance to buy in.  Sun Power is a good example.  As you can see from the post several days ago, we issued a sell on SPWR at $40. Yes, it was the charts that told us to sell. We did not just "feel" it was right, it was shown in B&W, "Time to Sell". And from that announcement until today, SPWR has dropped 8.6%.
I know there are those who like to make complicated hedges and options. I would love to really understand those techniques. But until then, I can only buy and sell. I think that by using the charts, we should fair pretty well taking advise for both BUY and SELL.

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