Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Another fantastic BUY TFM up almost 8% one day after BUY signal

TFM, The Fresh Market was recommended by the charts Monday. On Tuesday (today) that stock shot up 7.8%. Another indication that our charts are right on the money with stock movement. The other stock recommended TEO was up .82% today. This is one of the reasons I have said over and over, this is immediate advice. You can't wait a day or two to make your decision. And that also goes for the sell signal as well. I've seen it over and over with so many stocks. That first pump is usually the biggest gain of the trend. I have also been one to be quite conservative and not follow the advice of the charts when a stock goes high in one day. I am drawn to sell and take my 8% and be happy. But I am slowly realizing that most of the time, those stocks don't correct back down like I would think they should. Almost always, they continue up higher and in some cases like QCOR and CONN, much higher.

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