Thursday, June 26, 2014

Our two latest stocks of recommendation UP 5.47% and 5.23% in 5 days

I was just a little bored without anything new to share but I realized that I could share the good news on our two newest recommendations, CYBX and ALGN. They both showed a BUY signal on the evening of the 20th. So in five days they moved up very nice and they are both still in the HOLD position. CYBX is up 5.47% and ALGN is up 5.23%.
On another note, the remaining stocks that are still in the HOLD category, all were up today very nice as well.
ARCC was up 2% which is nice for a stock that pays a dividend of 8.8% regardless. BXE was up 1.5% and SPWR was up .64%. And we can forgive Sun Power for that tiny move today when we take into account that it is up an eye watering 49.41% since it was recommended just a little over a month ago. CVLT is the only lagard dropping a slight .39%.
As a whole, the recommended list has brought an average gain of 8.72%, slanted heavily by Sun Power's amazing return.  

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