Monday, June 2, 2014

Totally New Watch List. Hot Stocks to Watch

I've finally edited my watch lists and below are the conclusions of the research. I will list the category first then the stock symbol. These are based on strict and refined stock screening criteria revealing the top stocks in the given category. Once again, These are not my official BUY recommendations. Only stocks that have showed up as great companies that are valued and in a condition worth owning even for the long term. From here we will follow them with our chart indicators and offer suggestions to BUY or SELL. They are not my recommendation to buy or sell, only the charts mathematical conclusion.

Beat Up No Reason:
SNCR      Synchrono Technologies
PSEC       Prospect Capital
FNGN     Financial Engines inc.
SIVB        SVB Financial Group
SBNY      Signature Bank
WETF       Wisdom Tree Investments
ULTA       ULTA Salon, cosmetics
MELI        Mercadolibre
CVLT        Commbault Systems
TFM         Fresh Market Inc.

Peter Lynch/ GARP:
LRCX      Lamb Research Corp
OCN       Ocwen Financial
UHC        United Insurance
QCOR      Questcor Pharma
PKG         Packaging Corp
ANFI        Amira Nature Foods
TX            Ternium SA
NOAH      NOAH Holdings (chinese)

Hi Market Cap, Total Return, EPS Growth:
GTAT       GT Advanced Tech
GSAT       Globalstar
DRYS       Dryships Inc
RMBS       Rambus Inc.
MTOR       Meritor Inc
FOE          Ferro Corp.
AA            Alcoa
BXE          Bellatrix Exploration
CEL         Cellcom Isreal

Top 20% Next Year:
NPSP      NPS Pharma
DYN       Dynegy
JOE         St. Joe Co.
PES         Pioneer Energy
SUMR     Summer Infant
TSEM      Tower Semi.
ATHL      Athlon Energy


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