Friday, June 6, 2014

TFM up 10% and TEO up 4% since our BUY signal

It looks like the TFM and TEO call was right on the money. With gains of 10% and 4% respectively these stocks are still in the OWN category. If you want to play more conservatively, you may sell them right now and pocket a fantastic gain. 
NE I think is on the verge of a SELL indication. It's tickling that area right now. Our entry point was $30.96 and it is at $30.88, a very slight loss. This stock comes with a 4.2% yield and could be hedged. My opinion is that it would not be worth doing that at this point. It would be much better to take a very small loss and look for the next good buy. Let's call NE a SELL today.
Yep, my early call on BXE was early. lol. We lost a little the last couple days. The indicator has gone a little less buy now than it was a couple days ago. The charts still look very ripe for it to move up from this point. The only caution would be if it were to catch the tailwind of a general market downward movement, it could take the wind out of it's sails going up.  The longer it takes to bite into it's movement the more risky it is to hold it. However, I am still calling this a HOLD at this point. 

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