Friday, March 28, 2014

HCI is a SELL today at $35.98

Even though we did not get a pop on HCI from the buy recommendation, we must be disciplined to follow the chart's recommendation to sell. We want to reduce our chances of loosing more money and accept the fact that it may cost us a small amount to get out now.  Even though it indicates SELL, there will be another chance to buy it again. There always is. It is still a good company. It is still worth owning, when the time is right. HCI is at $35.98 today and indicating a SELL. Since this is my first SELL recommendation, I wanted to say that yes, we will be getting into and out of stocks on a regular basis. I've seen many many many charts confirm that with this discipline, we will lose a little hear and there but gain a lot here and there with the right buy signal. And it has proved to me that the gains then will be substantially greater than the losses.

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