Wednesday, March 26, 2014


The market is overall very pricey.  This means making money in this environment is not going to be so easy.  There are always entry points to individual stocks that have shown dips and climbs and lows and highs. All we are interested here is finding good solid companies, perhaps a nice yield, and a price that is indicting higher to buy or indicating lower to sell. When the general market is in an overall growth phase, buying on the dips usually always guarantees a further up potential. When the market is either at the general top or general bottom of a major move, prices will swing up and down on a near term basis. You can still make a few percent on your money within a week or two. I try to do that. But I am and suggest you should as well, be very mindful of the general market's high price. Once we are in a stock, I watch it very closely. Of course I've gotten in on a perceived good price. THAT good price on THAT individual stock isn't going to matter if the general market decides it's time for a major decline. That will take a high percent of the entire market with it. Once we are in a major decline I will not be purchasing any stocks. I will wait until there is a noticeable bottom and then start to get back in cautiously.  If I have purchased stocks with a good yield and happen to get caught in the down draft, I will have the yield to protect me from the fall of the stock. I prefer not to do that as giving up 10% on the price would still be a loss even though the yield is 8%. Not to mention that I would have to own that stock for an entire year to get that 8%. It is still a safety net and if there are good buys and good yields, I'll still consider that stock.  

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