Thursday, March 20, 2014

Suggestion to Buy SID

I am suggesting a buy on SID currently trading at $4.18 up .72% for the day. SID was a buy two days ago and remains a buy today. It is in a 6 month dip and should be in a good position to rebound from here. In addition to the stock price movement there is also another added bonus to SID. It currently offers a 7.62% yield. You will only benefit from this yield if you hold the stock for a year. In a lot of ways a yield will help reduce the pain you feel if the price goes down short or mid term. As long as the company is solvent you will receive the yield that it is providing. SID is a small company and once again please refer to this link for your own research and final decision to purchase. SID on Google FinanceAlso, you will need to return back regularly to check for a sell recommendation. Good luck


  1. SID proved to be a good buy at $4.18 on March 20th. In addition to the benefit of the 7.39% yield you would have also realized a 5% gain in the price of the stock. Now you may take profit if you wish to retain that 5% gain. Not bad for few days. However the stock is still in the upper hold pattern. This means that it is inside of the overbought region but not indicting a sell yet.

  2. Thank you SID, up 4.4% today so far. Up after a mild dip yesterday. Nice confirmation of a near term buy.

  3. OH NO. I am SO tempted to sell with a 7% gain on SID...... I hate this. The indicator is still OWN it. I am always so jumpy. I get fearful of a big drop and I could have locked into a nice gain. Yet, I've done that so many times that I missed out on additional gains of up to 20% and then kicked myself for only 5 or 6 percent.