Thursday, March 20, 2014

Today's Stock Buy HCI Group (HCI)

I would like to suggest you look into HCI as a buy today. I have been watching it closely the last couple days and it is indicting higher. I will also like to say that it is in a 6 month dip that could be a good price to rebound from. The current price, as I write this is $37.16 down about 2% for the day. This is giving an even better price to get in at. It did spike up 4% in one day two days ago and I was quite disappointed that I had not gotten into it prior to that. So, I've just been watching patiently for another opportunity. There may be one or two more downturns before it rises.  HCI also has a great balance sheet and it comes highly regarded by top stock guru's screening process. Here is a link to Google finance where you may research the balance sheet yourself.  Google Finance for HCI
If you take my recommendation to purchase HCI you MUST return back on a daily basis and look for a recommendation to sell. The market is very frothy since we are at the very top of a 5 year Bull run.
Good Luck  

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  1. Please be advised that I may have been premature in the absolute buy signal for HCI. It is definitely undervalued currently however the absolute buy signal has not yet rang. It has been undervalued for a good period of time and is poised to rise in the near future. There is not much risk going in early but you will have to accept the fact that it can fluctuate a percent or two in either direction on a day to day basis. That said, I will report the buy signal as soon as it happens.