Wednesday, March 26, 2014

WATCH nearly a BUY of QCOR currently $62.16

QCOR is at $62.16 and climbing today. It is showing as a BUY today. However keep in mind that it has also oscillated back to overbought the last couple days. That is nothing to worry about. Just keep in mind that the clear absolute BUY is just a notch away from today's price. In order for that absolute BUY to happen though, the price needs to climb further up. So if you don't mind a little risk, look for a small dip today or buy towards the end of the day when the price may take a breather. It is up 2% today and may give some of that back up later. QCOR had a high of around $80 just a month ago to put this into perspective. It was also screened using my Peter Lynch guidelines suggesting that it is also fundamentally a good company.

1 comment:

  1. So good for you if you purchased QCOR as it is up quite nicely today. Up 5.5% at $65.25. It is still in the buy or hold target.