Friday, March 28, 2014

What do you think of this new stock screen idea?

I just came up with a new stock screen. Top % earnings last three years and last five years. Mid cap. 1 Billion to 13 Billion. Low PEG ratio. Highest 20% book value. And finally lowest 40% from 50 day moving average. I call it "BeatUpNoReason". Well, there is always a reason. However if the earnings growth is improving each year and the debt to Asset ratio is low I think that it is worth a second look.
   The stocks that ended up in the list are: XPO, FNSR, TFM, PRLB, LL, RKT, ACIW, SBNY, MIDD, FFIV, CTRX, QCOR, HTWR, VRTS and EPAM.  A couple of those. FNSR, RKT, and QCOR I think are worth looking at in particular because they also ended up on some of my other screens. In particular RKT. I will keep you posted on the results and report when they hit the BUY signal. And most of these are ripe for that because of the last criteria "Lowest 40% from 50 day moving average" That means the stock will be down.
      This list is going to change fast because of that last criteria as well. I will update my watch list as that happens and some of these will still be on and some will drop off. It's going to take some time to keep up with this one as it will be changing so much. But I expect to keep it for three weeks to a month. I have to see the charts for a while to get an idea of how long to keep them on the list.

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