Friday, March 28, 2014

RKT soon to be a BUY at $103.00

Well, it's Friday and I will be away from my computer on Monday. As of now, if we get another up day on Monday or Tuesday, RKT looks like it will hit the BUY indicator. It's almost there now and anxious investors may get in. I've done that before, because you can see the trajectory of the movement and assume a continuation. Well, I have been burnt before. I've had them reverse just before they hit the buy signal. I vowed I would learn my lesson and wait until it is an absolute buy. I'm only saying this because it is getting close and to keep an eye out for a good move up. RKT is at $103.00 today up 1.16%
RKT is one of the largest makers of boxes. Everything comes in boxes. Whether it is bought at a brick and mortar building or online. Actually more if online because of the shipping as well. And we all know where commerce is going. I'm not 100% happy with the revenue growth and the dept to asset ratio is more than 50%. However, this stock keeps showing up in random stock screens that I use. It is usually floating around in the top 10% of several different stock screens which tells me there is something to look at here.

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