Friday, March 28, 2014

PRLB a BUY at $67.00

PRLB is one of the stocks that showed up on my new screen.  I checked out the financials and they look pretty good. Progressively better earnings, fantastic debt to asset ratio. The price has dropped considerably and is recovering into a BUY category right now at $67.00 it was up 1.38% today. Once again, please scroll down and read my disclaimer that is important to understand in this market's climate.
Also read and watch the video on  Motley Fool's article on PRLB he really likes it too. This was published late February, and the stock has come down from $80 when the article was written. So just think of it this way. If you would have bought with their remarkable recommendation then, you would have made a good long term investment. However, since you may just be hearing about it now, you gain an extra $13 on your investment. Yay, free money. Now is the time to BUY. 

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